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iPhone SCADA Accessibility with Studio Mobile Access

wireless SCADA

wireless SCADA

If you’re running any kind of remote SCADA operation, you’ve probably been faced with the prospect of having to run down to the site at least once when something is amiss. This usually happens when it is late at night or when the roads are bad due to weather conditions. Building automation, water/wastewater treatment, or renewable energy automation may all require remote SCADA that can’t be accessed without at least a thin client of some kind.

Now while a mobile phone or PDA that runs Windows CE can be an ideal way to handle remote SCADA operations, for those who regularly use a non Windows smartphone such as an iPhone or a phone with an android based operating system, may not enjoy the prospect of carrying around multiple mobile devices to monitor their HMI SCADA software.

That’s why Indusoft Web Studio also features SMA, or Studio Mobile Access. If your mobile device can access the web, then it can allow you to see process Values (tags) or alarms. With SMA, you can change the values of your tags, acknowledge alarms, or add a comment for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance or electronic traceability. This is a truly unprecedented capability in SCADA software.

Built-in security protects sensitive operations from being accessed by unauthorized users.

Blackberry, iPhone or iPad SCADA HMI monitoring is now possible, along with monitoring from any mobile device using Firefox, Opera, Windows, Safari or any web browser. SMA allows operators to be more efficient and keep the process/machine running at its top performance without the need to be at the immediate location.

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