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Is your SCADA Training Up to Date?

SCADA training is more than just a part of managing a SCADA  or HMI system. Good training will practically guarantee less downtime, because with extensive training in your SCADA software, you’ll be able to catch problems quickly and resolve them, rather than having to call in an expert every time something goes amiss. Even SCADA companies like InduSoft that offer superior technical support understand that good SCADA and HMI training is the foundation of successful automation. HMI training from qualified instructors will prove valuable in setting up and maintaining your SCADA system.

HMI Training for InduSoft Web Studio

IWS is so easy to use that there is a very real temptation not to take the SCADA training classes offered by InduSoft. While the classes aren’t required in order to navigate and use IWS, they can help users of any skill level make the most out of the rich features available in the software. In training classes, users will learn to set up alarms, trends, databases and even web SCADA monitoring. A recent attendee stated, “Even though I have been using IWS for years, I think I have learned something every minute while in this class!”

With the upcoming release of InduSoft Web Studio 7.0, there is even more reason to put a SCADA training class on the schedule. Those who are making a switch to 7.0 or those who are using the software for the first time may want to take advantage of the training sessions using the new version. Classes coming up in October may be the ideal time to learn about the newest features of IWS, such as support for OPC Xi, and OPC UA, and the new Ribbon Interface.

Training sessions will also be available for those who are already familiar with IWS, but want to make the best use of the new features in updated versions of their SCADA software. These update training sessions are a great way to stay current on your SCADA system, and learn “what’s new.”

It’s also possible to get customized SCADA training, with extensive on-site sessions. Take advantage of every option at your disposal in order to minimize downtime, and maximize the potential of your automation software.

The SCADA Training Schedule In Austin, Texas USA (other dates may be available in other countries):

  • September 13th to 17th
  • October 18th to 22nd
  • November 8th to 12th
  • December 6th to 10th

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