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Is your HMI SCADA software Competitive with DCSes?

Frost & Sullivan think so! A recent DCS (distributed control system) market report by Frost & Sullivan, indicated that SCADA companies and HMI vendors such as InduSoft are swiftly taking over the DCS world. HMI SCADA software like InduSoft Web Studio uses PCs to network PLCs (programmable logic controllers) together in a way that efficiently replicates the functions of a DCS.

HMI SCADA software is increasingly able to provide security, redundancy, and the exceptional fault tolerance that has been traditionally associated with DCS systems. These SCADA products are a revolution for SCADA vendors like InduSoft, who are constantly innovating in order to create the best SCADA software on the market.

But is even the best SCADA software comparable to the best DCS? As with anything, that depends on what is most important to users. For users of HMI SCADA software, the ability to use Windows based PCs, with open access to integrate not only PLCs from various manufacturers, but also the ability to download and install updated SCADA software when it arrives is a big advantage.

The appeal of the DCS, conversely, is that most of these systems come pre-integrated and pre-tested, which offers much less complexity. SCADA vendors, of course, don’t think that SCADA integration is much of a detractor. SCADA companies like InduSoft have countless certified SCADA system integrators to assist in creating the perfect system.

In many ways, SCADA software and PLC combination is a perfect solution to a bulky DCS system. With remote access, wireless SCADA and web browser based SCADA projects; there is simply no better answer to the problem of portability and remote access. This same accessibility is also what makes HMI SCADA software the perfect accessory to a DCS system when it’s required. With the best SCADA software in place alongside a DCS system, users can not only get perfect redundancy and control, but they also have the power and flexibility they need to work anywhere.

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