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What to be excited about in InduSoft Web Studio v.7.0

InduSoft Web Studio version 7.0 is gearing up for release in September. Current users of IWS certainly won’t be disappointed, nor will new users who are testing the 7.0 SCADA demo software for the first time. There are a lot of great new features available in 7.0, from an advanced user interface to OPC compatibility, and multi-language support.

SCADA Graphics – The new GUI for IWS 7.0 uses an advanced Ribbon interface that has logical object grouping, allows users to open multiple documents. This interface has been given the highly appropriate name “Rapid Application Configuration Environment (RACE)”

The new 3D buttons and embedded icons on buttons make setting up an easy visualization of your processes as simple as drag and drop. Imported images even support dynamic rotation. It’s also possible to save screenshots in five different formats for use in documentation, reports, historical status, or e-mail attachments.

SCADA system Security – IWS 7.0 features native support for distributed security systems, and includes full integration with Microsoft Active Directory through LDAP. Users assigned to multiple groups will also be able to take advantage of these security features.

IWS also takes care of intellectual property protection. Every document, script and math worksheet can be individually password protected. This prevents unauthorized viewing or editing of your corporate custom functionality.

SCADA Drivers – There is simply no HMI SCADA software available with better driver support. IWS bundles in over 240 drivers for not only PLCs, but also temperature controllers, and bar code/2D/RFID readers. Among the supported drivers are new and updated drivers for Eaton ELC, Siemens, Opto 22, CAN, CANopen, and BACnet.

OPC SCADA –  IWS 7.0 takes traditional OPC support to a whole new level. The new IWS SCADA software will include support for OPC Xi and OPC UA in addition of OPC classic support.

Multilanguage SCADA software – InduSoft Web Studio can handle online translations with one click, and IWS supports Unicode fonts for global compatibility.

Embedded HMI – For those working on an embedded operating system, IWS 7.0 offers a license for full featured software with a reduced footprint, perfect for running a wireless HMI system on the plant floor.

SCADA configuration – InduSoft Web Studio is easily configurable, with new interfaces for FTP, SMTP and e-mail.

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