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What are SCADA Companies Doing to Stay Competitive?

SCADA companies are working harder than ever to compete. There is certainly a lot to keep up with. Now that SCADA software has strong enough legs to be a match for a DCS, and PLC manufacturers use a multitude of protocols for their hardware, SCADA companies have to be innovative in order to offer a great software that offers the most compatibility, and the best value. SCADA software today has to be able to work in dozens of industries, do a variety of tasks, and do them all well.

Scada Companies are making SCADA and HMI products more scalable

Scalability is a big deal, now that nearly everyone carries some form of web enabled device for remote browsing. SCADA software like InduSoft that is scalable from a Windows mobile version right up to Windows 7 or a Windows Server edition is a huge leap forward for scalability. For those who want mobility and wireless SCADA access, the Studio Mobile Access feature of IWS allows users to view data on the go, regardless of which web enabled device they’re using.

SCADA Software is more compatible

With not only mobile operating systems, but desktop operating systems like Windows 7 in current use, compatibility becomes a big deal – especially among users who want both a small footprint, and full featured software. SCADA companies like InduSoft are making their software run on all supported Microsoft operating systems.

But what about hardware? IWS works hard to make sure that mix-and-match hardware is no problem. IWS includes over 240 native communication drivers bundled into the software, including top PLC manufacturers like Allen Bradley, Emmerson, Omron, GE Fanuc, Beckhoff, and Siemens. In addition to supplying nearly every driver users could need, IWS also supports OPC Xi, OPC UA, and OPC Classic (OPC DA and OPC HDA)

SCADA Companies must offer Superior Technical Support

As more technology becomes available SCADA HMI training becomes more valuable, and so does technical support. With more competing hardware manufacturers on the market, working with a SCADA company that understands how the software interacts with various devices can make the difference between an easy SCADA integration, and a nightmare. InduSoft offers unparalleled support from experts, and only allows certified professionals to perform SCADA integration with IWS.

There must be backward compatibility and stability within SCADA software

Good SCADA companies will protect the investment of those who use their software. A new SCADA system will not necessarily be the most advanced in terms of design or technology. Users have no way of knowing whether or not a new system will continue to keep up as technology changes. InduSoft devotes just as much time developing new HMI products as it does making sure the current ones evolve with technology. The induSoft team has 14 years under its belt of working with users to create a SCADA software with forward and backward compatibility. InduSoft believes in innovation founded on a solid platform that is always being tried and tested in the most taxing environments possible. IWS is a well proven solution that has continued to evolve as technology does.

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