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InduSoft Updates the SPI driver (SPIIM) adding write commands and other improvements.

InduSoft has updated the SPI (Society of the Plastics Industry) driver (SPIIM) to version 1.01. The SCADA software updates include the addition of write commands and improved command validation.

This SCADA software driver is most often used in the plastic injection molding industry. InduSoft customers use the SPI driver in conjunction with other communication methods to gather and share information with other plastics machinery that would otherwise be unable to communicate to an SPI device. For example, a dryer or other auxiliary equipment may only have a SPI interface. IWS can communicate SPI to the device, and act as a gateway to share the information with the main controller or PLC on the machine. This relieves the customer from adding the extra cost and time of purchasing and programming a dedicated serial/ASCII module for the controller.

Now, with the addition of “write” commands, IWS can be used to send set points and updates to the SPI device from the PLC or controller.

IWS is perfect for plastic injection molding offering powerful trending (including pressure and velocity traces), alarming, security, mold parameter storage, and even individual part traceability via powerful database connectivity.

InduSoft is one of the rare SCADA companies that constantly re-works and updates SCADA software in order to provide more value to the user with each addition. Download the updated SPI and other drivers on our download page.

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