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Downloading the best SCADA Software – Get a free demo of InduSoft Web Studio v7.0!

Coming Friday, a new version of InduSoft Web Studio v7.0 will be released to everyone who is eager to try it out! To find out whether the new version of the best SCADA software has gotten even better, stay tuned to our Downloads page October 1st. We’ll be making the IWS v7.0 SCADA demo software available to try for free! Continue reading

SCADA Software Glossary – Building Automation terms

Today in our SCADA software glossary, we’ll work on decoding some of the terms found in the building automation industry. Each specific industry has its own jargon, and the world of facility automation is no different. Here are some of the more commonly used terms used for facility SCADA systems. Continue reading

Join SJE Rhombus for Weftec 2010 for a live demo of InduSoft Web Studio for Wastewater treatment!

Weftec 2010, the tradeshow of the Water Environment Federation, is kicking off in New Orleans at the beginning of October. For those in the water and wastewater SCADA industry, be sure to check it out. At this year’s Weftec, you’ll see an InduSoft user, SJE Rhombus demo an application of the IWS SCADA software for wastewater treatment. Continue reading

New Driver for Opto 22 Ethernet Devices!

We are always evolving InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software, especially approaching the release of the new version 7.0. This week, the InduSoft team made an addition to the SCADA driver download page. We’re announcing a brand new driver! The OptoMMP driver for Ethernet devices using the Opto 22 protocol allows users to communicate with Opto 22 devices using the native protocol, instead of forcing you to use a cumbersome system of mapping alternative solutions. Continue reading

Glossary of terms used by SCADA Companies

It’s time again for our weekly exploration of terms and trends that pop up when discussing SCADA systems. With such a wide range of users, SCADA companies often face a problem in effectively communicating information. Should they assume that users know everything, and treat them as experts, or assume they know nothing, and use layman’s terms? Hopefully, these weekly blogs will help SCADA companies like InduSoft maintain a middle ground, and still ensure that no one is left out. Here is our list of de-jargoned terms today: Continue reading

SCADA Software Users Should Take Advantage of Built-In OEE Solutions!

While built-in OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) solutions are increasingly available in the best SCADA software, few users are taking advantage of this powerful tool. What is OEE, why is it so valuable to process managers and why aren’t more people using solutions included with their SCADA software? Continue reading

What is InduSoft doing to ensure SCADA Security in an insecure world?

InduSoft has made great strides in SCADA security, and will roll out some great new security features in IWS v7.0. These security measures will help protect users who want to keep a network isolated, and even those users who want to share a security system across many computers or pieces of hardware. InduSoft makes it easy to protect your SCADA system from attacks, and guard against attacks like the Stuxnet worm. Continue reading

InduSoft is pleased to welcome Leading Edge Control Solutions as the newest Certified System Integrator!

Leading Edge Control Solutions are the newest addition to our SCADA integration team. Leading Edge Control Solutions is certified and specialized in integration of InduSoft Web Studio. This SCADA integration team provides PLC/PAC , PC, and HMI programming in addition to: Continue reading