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What makes InduSoft Web Studio the Best SCADA software?

We stand behind our claim when we say that IWS is the best SCADA software on the market. We spend millions each year, and countless hours of development ensuring that InduSoft Web Studio evolves along with technology yet doesn’t leave you behind. Our mission is to design a SCADA HMI software that will allow users to develop and application once, and then deploy it anywhere.

So what does the best SCADA software on the market offer? Here are some key reasons why IWS is so successful:

  1. Flexibility. IWS is designed to be scalable. That means that users can develop the application for a desktop or server operating system such as Server 2008 or Windows 7 , and then load that same project  into a Windows CE operating system. In addition, the application does not need to be re-written to change out a PLC driver, nor does the application need to change in order to accommodate using VBScripting.
  2. Compatibility. The best SCADA software is compatible with hardware from many manufacturers, different types of databases, and even different ways of accessing the information. IWS is bundled with over 240 drivers that allow users to monitor information from a wide range of PLCs. Applications will run on any supported Microsoft operating system, and data can be exported in the standard SQL database language for easy transfer of information. Any computer with a Microsoft operating system can act as a portal or a thin client for remote SCADA access. Another reason IWS is the best SCADA software, is the forward compatibility. A project that was created more than 12 years ago in the first version can be brought forward to even the latest version (v7.0) due out in just a few weeks from now.
  3. Security. IWS features many native security tools that help prevent malicious attacks on even the best SCADA systems, and soon we are adding Microsoft Active Directory support using LDAP
  4. 4. Support. InduSoft takes a great deal of pride in the personal support we offer. All support technicians have worked closely with the HMI SCADA software, and understand how to approach even the most complex situations. InduSoft’s global, dedicated support team is a large part of the reason IWS is considered the best SCADA software available.

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