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From Oil and Gas SCADA to Solar SCADA and Wind technology, Data Acquisition Software has come a long way!

The energy automation market has really taken off over the past few decades, with Oil and Gas SCADA users slowly making room in the market for alternative energy resources, like Solar SCADA, natural gas SCADA, and wind SCADA.  Here is some information on how energy companies use SCADA software to monitor energy production.

Oil and Gas SCADA – Oil and Gas SCADA has come a long way. SCADA software can be used in many applications within the oil and gas industry. Oil refineries and drilling operations may use remote or wireless SCADA applications to monitor off-shore drilling platforms, or to monitor the infrastructure of pipelines. Natural gas SCADA applications may record data such as methane leakage around natural gas extraction sites, or pipeline pressure.  While licensed radio or satellite communications can be expensive, or consume valuable battery power, the SCADA software should have a way to schedule and burst communications any time, day, night or by exception.

Solar SCADA – This rapidly expanding industry can make good use of remote solar SCADA applications, as solar farms are often located in rural or remote areas that are prone to high heat and unforgiving elements. With a web based SCADA applications, Operations and Maintenance engineers can monitor solar cells with a web enabled smartphone , a phone or PDA that supports a windows mobile operating system, or via any browser enabled device.

Wind SCADA – Wind SCADA (Windpower) applications, like solar SCADA systems, may require users to access multiple remote sites, which may make a web SCADA application an attractive option. Wind SCADA software may monitor such variables as wind speed trends, or weather conditions.

With tax credits and incentives offered to push more companies toward renewable energy production, it makes sense for energy companies to use SCADA software that is flexible enough to be developed in any Microsoft operating system, and then deployed on any Microsoft OS enabled device. With bundled in drivers for hundreds of PLC and DCS manufacturers, as well as OPC support, InduSoft Web Studio is clearly the best SCADA software choice for the energy field.

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