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Did you know that InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software includes over 50 Pre-built communication examples?

We have made it easy for you! There are some special tools available on the CD of InduSoft Web Studio that licensed users have access to. Are you taking advantage of the 57 communication examples IWS makes available in the SCADA software CD set? These communication examples are now available on the website, along with the SCADA software download of IWS. You can click here for the SCADA software communication examples.

InduSoft is one of the few SCADA companies that make an effort to offer superior support for its SCADA products. Our communication examples are set up in IWS projects that are configured to communicate to a PLC, controller or other device. We have  examples of these communications on the most popular PLCs, providing users with a template of tested and proven communications between PLC and SCADA system.

By using this tool, users can pinpoint any problems in communication. If you have set up and configured your PLC, and then installed IWS and configured it, but the two are not communicating, you can try the tested communications in the software to determine whether the problem lies within the configuration of IWS, or with the PLC. This ability to track down difficulties in the PLC SCADA system can cut down time in troubleshooting by half, because it can quickly eliminate the HMI SCADA software configuration as the culprit.

And because InduSoft has been very successful keeping forward compatibility, we have purposefully kept many of the communication examples in older versions. They can still be used with even the latest version of IWS (and the soon to be released v7.0) By keeping them in the original version, they can be used with older versions of IWS too!

SCADA companies are always innovating, but this dedication to easing the setup and configuration process of new SCADA products is what sets InduSoft apart from other designers of SCADA and HMI software.

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