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More SCADA software terms deciphered

Still lost in all the jargon that gets tossed around by your SCADA software? We’re back this week for more explanations of those acronyms and abbreviations that pop up from time to time in regard to SCADA and HMI software. This week, we’re going to focus on web SCADA terms.

SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a protocol used to transfer electronic mail messages. SMTP is primarily used for outgoing e-mails, while a mail sever handles receiving them. InduSoft Web Studio takes advantage of mail servers set up on a remote or local computer, and is able to send a message to the SMTP server, so the server can send out an e-mail, such as alarm info, or other data to a mobile device. An exciting new addition to IWS v.7.0 includes an update to this process that allows users to bypass scripting to configure the SMTP server. Now users can configure their e-mail server in their SCADA software simply by filling out a form.

SNMP – Simple Network Management Protocol is used by network management systems to monitor devices attached to the network for events that trigger administrative attention. Some users of SCADA software use large networks, like those in manufacturing plants or office buildings. Network hardware, such as a switch, is often managed using SNMP tools. Sometimes these tools are supplied by hardware manufacturers, but InduSoft Web Studio can also handle this as well! IWS can monitor devices or downtime on the network using SNMP, in order to cut down on calls to the IT department that originally configured the network.  IWS can also report the status from devices like a PLC to a remote SNMP manager. Issues such as a password change or security changes can be handled without ever leaving the IWS runtime environment.

FTP – File Transfer Protocol is used to transfer files across a network, and is client-server based. In addition to using scripts to configure the FTP clients, users of IWS v7.0 can use a simple fill-in-the-blank form to configure everything. From there, users can employ FTP to transfer trend logs, reports, or PDF output files to a remote server, all from the SCADA software. This can be done to backup files, store them, share them, or it may even be used to copy images from the new “Save Screen Shot” function to an external server for reference later.

TCP/IP – Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol is the mode of communication for the internet, and networks like it. IWS is built to TCP/IP standards, and can communicate with many devices over any standard TCP/IP connection. These devices may include dial-up, radio modems, or even satellite connections. By entering IP addresses and tag names, any IWS runtime can share information with any other, even if it’s on an embedded OS, or Windows CE. This allows devices that wouldn’t ordinarily be able to share information to do so using the IWS powerful SCADA software. Users can even configure redundant systems that share information via TCP/IP.

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