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New Driver for Opto 22 Ethernet Devices!

We are always evolving  InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software, especially approaching the release of the new version 7.0. This week, the InduSoft team made an addition to the SCADA driver download page. We’re announcing a brand new driver! The OptoMMP driver for Ethernet devices using the Opto 22 protocol allows users to communicate with Opto 22 devices using the native protocol, instead of forcing you to use a cumbersome system of mapping alternative solutions.

This protocol is compatible with a number of Opto 22 devices over Ethernet, including:

  • SNAP PAC R-Series Controllers
  • SNAP PAC S-Series Controllers
  • SNAP PAC EB Brains
  • SNAP PAC SB Brains
  • SNAP Simple I/O™
  • SNAP Ethernet I/O™
  • SNAP Ultimate I/O™
  • SNAP-LCE Controller
  • E1 Brain Board
  • E2 Brain Board

You can download the new driver on our SCADA driver download page, as well as SCADA demo software like InduSoft Web Studio.

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