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Use sample applications to design a great SCADA software application!

Did you know that it’s possible to take a great SCADA application and pick it apart to find out what makes it tick? If you use InduSoft Web Studio, then you have plenty of tools at your disposal for making the perfect SCADA software application. What you may not have, however, is the familiarity with those tools to do everything from scratch. Continue reading

Can SCADA training in InduSoft Web Studio offer experienced users more for their money?

Every SCADA software user, from SCADA integrators to in-house plant engineers understand that in order to get the best SCADA application, the ability to use all the tools at hand is important. That’s why even the most experienced IWS users can still benefit from a training class covering all of the tools available in InduSoft Web Studio. Continue reading

From Embedded HMI software to Remote Terminal Units – Dig deeper into SCADA/HMI software!

Every Friday, we like to do some little blog posts that explain some of the acronyms and jargon inherent in the SCADA and HMI software world. Today, the discussion focuses on some important terms like RTU, Embedded operating systems and Modbus protocols. Continue reading

IWS v7.0 User Interface Demonstration Video

As you can see, the development environment for InduSoft Web Studio v7.0 is completely revamped compared to the older versions. InduSoft invested a great deal of research and development into creating a modern, professional look and feel for the new development environment, with the goal of adding productivity and minimizing the learning curve for new users. Continue reading