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New and updated drivers for InduSoft Web Studio SCADA Software

New and updated drivers for InduSoft Web Studio SCADA Software

InduSoft is always making sure that both older drivers are being constantly updated, and that new drivers are being created. This helps ensure that InduSoft Web Studio is the best SCADA software available in terms of innovation, and its ease of use. Right on the heels of the release of IWS v7.0, we’re announcing some new and updated drivers that will make the conversion to 7.0 an even easier decision.

BACNE– BACnet is the most important standard protocol for building automation. BACnet protocols are used in HVAC controllers, light and door controllers, etc. BACNet supports many physical layers, and our driver incorporates them all. This driver is an updated version of the previous driver, with more functionality added.

TWCAT – This driver is an updated version of our previous TwinCAT driver. This driver for BeckHoff PC based controllers includes enhanced capabilities like tag integration. Browse tags from TwinCAT directly from the tag browser built right into InduSoft Web Studio.

SPIIM – This driver is a brand new, and is designed to work with plastic injection machines. Write commands have been added so that users can send set points and updates to the SPI device from a PLC controller.

CAN/ CANopen – This driver is new for InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software users. The standard CAN protocol offers different levels of customization, including the popular CANopen. The new driver implements raw CAN and CANopen protocols. Both master and slave versions are included. This protocol is often encountered in the automotive and instrumentation industries, but can be used anywhere.

To download drivers, please visit our driver download page. We make it easy to find all the pieces you need to complete a seamless SCADA or HMI software application.

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