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A web-based HMI SCADA solution for multi-platform mobile devices like the iPad, and Android devices – Studio Mobile Access

Studio mobile access is a lesser-known feature of InduSoft Web Studio that truly is the next level in SCADA software. Many InduSoft users rely on CEView for mobile SCADA supplications, but what about those of us who carry an Android Phone. A Blackberry? How about an iPhone?

InduSoft makes it possible to get remote access to your SCADA application on any web enabled device. So what can remote users do on their non-Microsoft platforms?

  • Access tag values
  • Monitor alarms
  • Acknowledge alarms
  • Include comments when acknowledging alarms (FDA 21 CFR-Part 11)
  • Access the server data using built-in security for a safe wireless connection

Setting up Studio Mobile Access (SMA)

Setting up SMA is easy in IWS v7.0. Just enable the option for Studio Mobile Access under the ‘web’ folder of the ‘graphics’ tab from project explorer. From there, configure SMA by including the list of tags that you want to access. This isn’t a plug in or add-on – SMA is fully functional with the SCADA software installation.  SMA defaults to 1 user, but up to 128 users can take advantage of access, simultaneously upgrading the license on the server.

Even better, credentials to view the information sent by SMA are not fixed to a certain device. That means that if a user switches phones or purchases a new tablet computer, the same credentials can be used to get access to the secure server.

InduSoft is proud to offer a multi-platform mobile SCADA option on top of the already successful CEView, which will run on any Windows CE powered device. This flexibility allows users to monitor whole sites from home or while out of the office on any web enabled phone or computer, from any platform, including Safari from Apple, Firefox, Google Chrome, or any other web browser.

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