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Text Terms for your SCADA Software

Today, we’re going to cover plenty of new terms related to SCADA software. This time, the terms related to the text that appears within InduSoft Web Studio, in alarms, trends, reports, messages and in the application itself.

ASCII – ASCII stands for the American Standard code for Information Interchange. ASCII code is used to represent text in devices that display text in the interface. Most schemes for encoding characters use ASCII as their base. Events in the IWS SCADA and HMI software can be stored in ASCII text files as well as History Trend Files and Reports. ASCII text files can be the source of “smart messages”, “multistate Indicators”, and “multistate pushbuttons”

Unicode – Unicode is another standard for text representation. Unicode covers not only the Latin alphabet, but characters from Asian languages, Cyrillic characters, and more. The latest version of Unicode includes over one hundred thousand characters. InduSoft supports all Unicode fonts, making it easy to translate your application into any language. In addition, InduSoft Web Studio SCADA/HMI software can convert Unicode to string tags.

String – A string is a sequence of characters that is interpreted as a data type. InduSoft supports a “string” tag type that can hold up to 1024 ASCII or Unicode characters. InduSoft Web Studio also supports Boolean tags, Real tags and integer tags. IWS can support compound tags (like structures) called Classes that can be comprised of multiple types of tags including Strings. A String tag can be used for indirect addressing as the pointer to another tag.

On-Screen Keyboard – An onscreen keyboard (also called a Virtual Keyboard) is an interface that allows users to input characters. An on-screen keyboard may use a keyboard, a mouse, touch screen or even a barcode scanner as an input device. InduSoft Web Studio supports virtual keyboards for multiple languages based on Unicode fonts. InduSoft Web Studio supports the on-screen keyboards that are included in various Windows operating systems. In addition, there are 3 different virtual keyboard layouts built into the IWS SCADA software.

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