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The heart of SCADA and HMI software visualization

Today’s glossary topic is going to the heart of visualization software – how it looks. Our terms for today are user interface, GUI, Operator Interface, and HMI. Here is some more detailed information on these terms, and why they are so important for HMI and SCADA software like InduSoft Web Studio.

User Interface – The User Interface, or the UI is the medium through which a user connects to a machine. The user interface may represent a dashboard or controls, and is often interactive. Through the UI a user can navigate through the functions of a machine and give commands or receive information.

GUI – The Graphic User Interface, or GUI, is a type of interface that allows direct manipulation of graphic elements within the interface. For example, users may click an icon of a folder to open a folder, rather than issuing a text based command. InduSoft Web Studio can create complex GUI HMI systems, or SCADA applications.

Operator Interface – The term operator interface differs somewhat from a user interface. While a user interface generally refers to personal computers or electronic devices, an operator interface is commonly used to describe the interface of a host control system linking multiple pieces of equipment or machines.

HMI – The HMI, or Human Machine Interface, is an interface that allows an operator to interact with a machine. HMIs are common operator interfaces used in industrial automation. InduSoft Web Studio is a powerful HMI toolbox that allows users to create HMI applications for their machines.

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