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What to expect from the InduSoft SCADA Training course

The InduSoft SCADA training course is a detailed, week-long course in which participants both novice and adept can learn the basic and finer points of using InduSoft Web Studio to create SCADA and HMI applications, OEE interfaces, and supervisory dashboards. What does this training course cover? A recent graduate of the class explains:

Day One: For the introductory day, a portion of the time is spent navigating through the development interface, and learning how to quickly navigate from one tab to another in the RACE (rapid application configuration environment). The first day also gives attendees an opportunity to connect to an active PLC.

Day Two: The second day is spent learning to construct tags, tag classes, arrays, and string tags. The second portion of the day is spent exploring the graphic capabilities in the SCADA software. Graphics such as bar graphs, gauges, dynamic rotations of bitmap files, and sliders are used. In this portion of the course, the basics of a SCADA application are created, allowing attendees to create navigations for the application using pre-scripted and custom-built buttons.

Day Three: In this class, we built a Tank farm, such as one that would be applicable in a variety of industries, like Water/Wastewater SCADA. The class built complex tank graphics with corresponding valves that can be toggled on or off. The class also set up alarms, and discussed scripting techniques using VBScript.

Day Four: In day four, the class developed trends and grids, as also created detailed screens using VBScript and the native InduSoft Web Studio language. Page translations were also covered. At this point in the training course, most attendees were familiar with the SCADA software, and able to easily use IWS to connect to a Windows CE device.

Day Five: During the final day, the SCADA software was linked to an SQL database. Logging and creating reports was another focal point of the day. Written exercises used throughout the class time ensured that no one fell behind, as all important information was explained both by pointing users to the knowledgebase and through the use of detailed written exercises.

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