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Many HMI SCADA applications all in one single software package!

InduSoft Web Studio is a unique HMI SCADA software package that allows users to take advantage of all supported Microsoft Operating systems within one development environment, without having to purchase add-ons or additional modules. While some SCADA and HMI products force users to buy a different development package to work with both Windows 7 and Windows Embedded, InduSoft allows users to create applications for Windows CE, Windows Embedded, and all supported operating systems with one purchase. That means that no matter how you intend to use your SCADA software, you can do it all with IWS.

IWS moves with you as your needs change – Because InduSoft Web Studio is not restricted to only one Microsoft operating system, nor it is dependent on any particular protocols, InduSoft is easy SCADA HMI software to scale to fit various applications. The patented database compatibility also means that IWS can connect to any SQL database even using Windows CE.

Everything you need is right there in the SCADA software download – When you download InduSoft Web Studio, you get a full version of the software with 40 hours of development. That includes all the drivers you need to connect to all major manufacturers of PLCs and controllers as well as OPC connectivity (Including OPC UA).

IWS is a comprehensive SCADA Software package and includes not only trends, alarms, database connectivity, recipes, reports, VBScript, and Web publishing, but many other features too.

Develop once and deploy to Windows Embedded, Windows CE, and more – Once you develop your project, you can deploy it to any device with a supported Microsoft operating system without having to change any aspects of your project. How’s that for a versatile HMI software?

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