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What do you get when you download the InduSoft Web Studio HMI SCADA Software?

SCADA software download

SCADA software download

InduSoft Web Studio is available through our SCADA software download page for free. Anyone can use the full version of IWS without a crack, code, or risky download. But what comes with the downloadable version of this powerful HMI SCADA software?

All Supported Microsoft operating Systems in one product – Just one download is all you need. IWS can create SCADA applications for a Windows 7 PC, or a Windows CE HMI application for a Smartphone. It’s all there.

40 Hours of development – Get 40 hours of development with the SCADA software download of IWS. This allows you the full version of the software, and plenty of time to learn your way around. Then you can just license your version to use your project anywhere. If you choose not to license the software, your download will still enable you to view the projects that you’ve created.

OEE Interfaces and Dashboards – IWS isn’t just HMI SCADA software. You can also use it to create OEE interfaces that will help track the efficiency of machines. IWS can also be used for multi-display digital signage, as well as a variety of other applications. Download a sample OEE project here.

Alarms, Alerts, Trends, Drivers, OPC, and Database connectivity – There are no additional modules to buy or download in order to get alarms or trending, or even database connectivity. Our patented technology will allow InduSoft Web Studio to communicate with any SQL database. In addition, IWS includes over 240 communication drivers for all major manufacturers of PLCs and controllers. You also get support for OPC classic, and OPC UA and Xi (recently renamed “OPC .NET 3.0”).

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