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SCADA Software Glossary

This week’s SCADA software glossary will focus on a few of the types of interactive input choices users can create and use in InduSoft Web Studio. The main types of interactive options are Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, and Combo Boxes.

Radio Buttons – Radio Buttons are popular in SCADA software as an interface feature that allows users to input only one choice among several (mutually exclusive), though radio buttons can also be used to a variety of other functions, such as toggling things on or off. A radio button is a circular shaped button that when clicked will generally display the choice as a filled circle.

Check Boxes – Check Boxes are good options for allowing users to make several choices among options in a SCADA software interface. Check boxes are shown as square buttons that will display a check mark or an X when clicked on.

Combo Boxes – A combo box is another common graphical user interface option in SCADA software. Combo boxes may be a combination of a drop down menu and a text box, or another combination of input options. Combo boxes are good for forcing the user to choose only the options you provide. The output of a combo box can be the text selected or the index number of the line selected.

To create radio buttons and check boxes in the new development environment in InduSoft Web Studio v7.0, open a screen, then choose the Graphics tab. From there, choose the option in the Active Objects group, and add the objects to your SCADA HMI project.

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