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Why More Plant managers are Using SCADA Software to Bridge the Gap between Disparate Systems

The plant floor has changed dramatically over the last decade. Rather than countless components working independently of each other, now a process can be automated through a unified architecture that allows disparate parts to work together by facilitating communications between PLCs and controllers to central supervisory SCADA and HMI systems. SCADA software has come a long way, and products like InduSoft Web Studio have proven that it’s possible to create a smooth process that combines technology from many different manufacturers across multiple platforms. Continue reading

InduSoft Secures Patent for Method and System For Communicating Between an Embedded Device and Relational Databases

InduSoft Web Studio, an award winning SCADA and HMI software package has recently been awarded a patent entitled “Method and System for Communicating Between and Embedded Device and Relational Databases.” Continue reading

SCADA Security Reminder for InduSoft Web Studio Users

SCADA Security is an important issue in the automation world, and InduSoft would like to emphasize that the NTWebServer(.exe), and CEWebServer(.exe) for testing purposes only. Please do not use the NTWebServer or CEWebServer in real production. InduSoft recommends Microsoft’s IIS (Internet Information Services) Server for Web based applications. Continue reading

InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software is a Bridge to Drivers and Protocols from Various Manufacturers

The InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software includes over 240 drivers with install, including Ethernet and Serial (RS-232 and RS-485), and dedicated high-speed networks. IWS can connect to all of these, and more importantly, can share data between these different proprietary and open protocols. Continue reading

Omron Controls and InduSoft Web Studio Meet a Water Supply Challenge

Mountain Home, Idaho recognized that the water supply
system was no longer able to keep up with the demands of
growing population and an expanding business area. In
particular, communications had become unreliable between
wells, storage facilities and operators. The Public Works
Department wanted a water system controls upgrade that was
both easily expandable and offered automatic responses to
occasional power failures. The solution created by Advanced
Control Systems of Boise Idaho, combined Omron controls and
InduSoft software for data management with radio
communications and Win911 for emergency notification Continue reading

Downloading an Application to a Remote Device Using InduSoft Web Studio

InduSoft Web Studio was the first SCADA software solution to fully support Windows CE. IWS CEView and IWS for Windows Embedded platforms are fully supported by the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA HMI software. This full featured SCADA HMI solution has a small footprint, making it perfectly scalable from mobile applications, to full scale SCADA applications. Continue reading

Set your SCADA software to start your application instantly when the computer is on

There are a some useful tools and tricks users can employ in the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software to make it even easier to implement. One trick commonly used is the option to have an IWS application run automatically whenever the computer is on. This functionality will save time and effort on the floor, and will help ensure less downtime occurs. Continue reading

Using InduSoft to connect to an OPC server

InduSoft drivers are built in as part of the core functionality, and the use of OPC is optional. OPC is still a popular and useful method for connecting your SCADA software to PLCs, controllers, and other devices. Here is a step-by-step guide to connecting IWS to an OPC server. Continue reading