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The Benefits Publishing InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software screens as HTML Files

The InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software offers users the option to publish application screens as HTML files. This is a very beneficial feature that brings a great deal of portability and ease to the process of managing a plant floor or site. Here are some of the ways this feature can be put to use:

Plant managers who require access to the SCADA software applications may view screens from the process or operation from their desk, eliminating the need to run across the plant floor and manually check machines, or install any additional software. Where there was once one person in charge of each machine, there may now be one person for ten or so machines, making remote monitoring all the more important.

By viewing screens online from a remote location, Operations and Maintenance staff can arrive at a site pre-prepped to make repairs, and can bring with them all the tools and resources they need without making an additional trip to evaluate the situation , and then having to go prepare the required materials.

Remote monitoring for applications such as Wind SCADA applications, Water SCADA, pumping stations, or even carwashes, allow the operators to evaluate whether a problem needs immediate attention, or can wait for business hours to resume. This may save operators in very remote locations, a multi-hour trip in inclement weather. Additionally, they may be able to bypass or turn off the faulty section of the process remotely.

The license for the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software resides on the server so the user does not have to license or install “special” software on their computer. Just use Internet Explorer! IWS supports up to 128 concurrent users to the same server, meaning that anyone who needs access to the information can view it without disrupting the process or installing software. By using a remote or hand held device and viewing the screens for each machine remotely, plant managers, maintenance and repair technicians, and engineers can be more efficient to keep the machines running. This decrease in downtime can help ensure a greater profitability and quality in production.

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