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The Difference Between the Main Driver Sheet and Standard Driver Sheet in the IWS SCADA software

In InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software, there are two types of driver sheets that users may utilize to configure communications: the standard driver sheet and the main driver sheet. Either of these sheets may be used to scale tag values right in the sheet. For example a 4-20mA signal that comes in as a value of 0-4095 can be converted to 0-100% or a pressure or level conversion. Here are the differences between the two sheets to help you determine which you should use for your application. Continue reading

How InduSoft Web Studio makes use of the Modbus protocol

One of hundreds of drivers built into InduSoft Web Studio is the Modbus protocol. This protocol is very popular as the communication protocol for many PLCs, including Modicon/Schneider models. Modbus is an efficient and easy to implement protocol, making it a convenient communication method Continue reading

How to Input Your License after your free SCADA software Download

If you’ve just downloaded the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software, and taken advantage of the 40 hours of development mode, you may have decided to take the next step, and license your copy of the software. The version of IWS available on the SCADA software download page is a full version of the software, and licensing it will ensure that all the tools and features remain available to you as you develop your project. Continue reading