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Using a Modem and TCP/IP Encapsulation with InduSoft Web Studio Drivers

As we discussed recently, the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software is capable of encapsulating protocols within different physical layers in order to send information from the computer in which the SCADA software is installed and the PLC or RTU connected to the machine. These physical layers may be Ethernet, Serial RS-232, RS-485, or even Bluetooth or modem connections when a converter is used. In some cases, a modem is the most efficient type of physical layer through which to transmit protocols. By using the drivers available in InduSoft Web Studio, it is possible to connect the SCADA application to the modem through the driver, and then send data anywhere across phone lines.

How to Connect the Driver to the Modem

To connect a driver to a modem using InduSoft Web Studio, right click on the driver folder in the project management tab. From there, choose ‘Communication Settings’. In the Serial Encapsulation drop-down menu, choose the option for ‘Modem’. From there you can configure your particular modem. There is much more detailed help available on how to configure your modem in the help section of the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software.

This same settings menu can also help users take advantage of other physical layers, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, or Ethernet. Your physical configuration can help you weight the advantages of connecting via modem, as opposed to other types of connections.

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