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Optimizing Screens in InduSoft Web Studio for Mobile Devices

It’s common now for computer monitors to span anywhere from 15” to 27” or more. While these make excellent panels for complex HMI SCADA applications, remote,handheld and small industrial panel mount devices are often overlooked. Users who intend to deploy on both industrial computers and remote handheld devices may want to utilize these practices for optimizing screens.

The size of handheld devices

Handheld devices like smartphones may have a resolution of 640×480, or even 320×240. This means that there is not much “real estate” on screen for an excess of information, so in order to display things like menus, alarms and trends, creative methods may be employed to get users the information they need.

Optimizing “Real Estate” using your SCADA Software

One method of saving space is to create fly out menu bars. By using the position animation, a whole menu can be made that hides itself off-screen while not in use. In addition, drop down and combo boxes are a great option for saving space. Combo boxes can be used to save space on list items. Instead of displaying all items on screen, they can be put into a combo box that collapses when not in use.

Graphics and Layer Text

If you are using an imported graphic, don’t limit yourself to putting other objects outside the rectangular boundary of the graphic. If the main focus of the graphic is in the center, place text over the graphic in the corners, or other unused area to conserve space. Pasted graphics in the InduSoft Web Studio Scada software can utilize transparent backgrounds!

In an upcoming blog post, we will demonstrate these techniques with a video to help you navigate, and follow along. If there are any other techniques you’d like to learn more about, or if you want to share your own, please let us know by commenting, or emailing us at!

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