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InduSoft Releases Two new Building Automation SCADA Application Case Studies

SCADA Software for Building Automation

SCADA Software for Building Automation

InduSoft is proud to release two new Building Automation case studies! Take a look to see what the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software can do to help building and plant managers monitor their facilities with top-notch SCADA applications like those used at Dosapac S.A. in Portugal and First Mile in Russia. Take a look at the applications of InduSoft Web Studio here in our newest case studies.

Dosapac S.A.

Using InduSoft Web Studio, Dosapac S.A. was able to offer a flexible solution for building automation to modernize schools across Portugal. With multiple schools already automated, Dosapac S.A. has gotten a strong foothold in the market for school building automation, and is on target to triple the number of schools by 2012. This installation is flexible enough that Dosapac S.A. is preparing to retrofit older facilities with an overall multi-school supervisory system powered by InduSoft.

First Mile

First Mile in Moscow provides an InduSoft backed hospital automation solution that protects both patients and staff, as well as maintains energy efficiency by monitoring the hospital systems. The project collects information on the ventilation, chiller, HVAC, temperature, air supply, power, filter pressure, and voltage supplied to special heaters. InduSoft Web Studio is running on a commercial grade computer in a controlled environment with Windows 7.

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