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How InduSoft uses Intellisense to Save Time and Ease The learning Curve of Scripting

InduSoft makes use of Intellisense to minimize the time required to write scripts while developing applications in the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software. This same feature is also employed to help assist users in both the scripting language native to IWS, and VBScript used within the SCADA Software.

There are several useful ways that InduSoft’s Intellisense helps users save time and avoid making errors while writing scripts. One way is by displaying the members of a tag class. By using the syntax “$Tank.” For example, users can see all the members of the Tank class, like Tank.Level, Tank.Pressure, and Tank.Temperature without having to remember each option. Intellisense will display the available options for the user.

InduSoft makes tag class members available for all built in functions of IWS, and in any VBScript interface. Within VBScript, IWS also provides Tool Tips. These Tool Tips show the user function names, and offers examples and suggestions for filling function parameters.

For non VBScript based interfaces, InduSoft allows users to use the Object Finder to save time. Any field for a tag or expression within the SCADA software can be double clicked to reveal the object finder. This dialog box shows all tags and expressions, and as the user types in the text box, the available options are filtered to match possible results. By typing in only a few characters, users can easily fill tag and expression values in the software development environment. In InduSoft Web Studio Version 7.0, the object finder is resizable, a feature that was not available in previous versions.

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