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Longtime InduSoft OEM Partner Advantech Pays a Visit to InduSoft Headquarters

SCADA HMI software in a Touch Screen Panel PC

SCADA HMI software in a Touch Screen Panel PC

InduSoft received a visit today from longtime OEM partner Advantech, in order to explore new, upcoming and current hardware provided by the equipment manufacturer. Advantech has been working with InduSoft for over ten years to provide technology such as touch screen fanless PCs to act as HMIs, machine terminals, or even digital signage or kiosk stations.

The equipment available from Advantech has all been tested, and is compatible with the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA/HMI software solution. Advantech also provides the Advantech Studio HMI and SCADA software on all models. Some of the exciting products InduSoft was shown today were the 3 ½” thin panel fanless touch screen computer which is powered by Windows CE operating system, all the way up to the 19” touch screen computer powered by Windows 7. These more robust operating systems, such as Windows XP Embedded and Windows 7 are available on the larger line of touch screen panel PCs.

Initially, Advantech chose to work with InduSoft because InduSoft web Studio was the first SCADA/HMI software developer with a Windows CE solution. Windows CEView is still the best HMI solution for this operating system, thanks to the scalability of the InduSoft Web Studio software. Advantech offers equipment that can be pre-loaded with either InduSoft Web Studio, or the Advantech Studio SCADA/HMI software.

In addition, Advantech PACs (programmable automation controllers) support the MODBUS protocol, which is only one of the more than 240 drivers built into the InduSoft Web Studio software. Advantech’s building automation PACs also support BACnet, which is a commonly used protocol in the building automation industry.  InduSoft Web Studio also supports this communication protocol, among many others.

InduSoft was pleased to see the level of innovation and ingenuity that goes into the Advantech line of equipment, and takes great pride in its partnership with top-notch OEMs like Advantech.

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