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InduSoft Web Studio EmbeddedView Packs a Full Scale HMI/SCADA Software into a Tiny Footprint

InduSoft Web Studio was the first powerful HMI SCADA software to offer a solution for Windows CE. In InduSoft Web Studio v7.0, this tradition is continued with not only the best Windows CE HMI software, but an excellent solution for Windows Embedded operating systems (including Windows XP Embedded and Windows Embedded Standard 7). The small footprint of the CEView and EmbeddedView option makes it perfect for use on smaller Monitor PCs, Smartphones, and HMI panels.  CEView and EmbeddedView are both built into the full InduSoft Web Studio v7.0 SCADA software, enabling users to create applications that scale seamlessly from these smaller devices all the way up to computers running Windows Server operating systems. Also included with the software are over 240 drivers for communications with all major equipment manufacturers.

What are the requirements for EmbeddedView?

InduSoft Web Studio EmbeddedView for Windows Embedded has an extremely small footprint. Prior to version 7.0, the requirements to run on Windows XP Embedded included 1-2GB or RAM and at least 2GB of hard disk space. With version 7.0 of the SCADA software, users only require 70MB of hard disk (plus the disk space required by the application) and as low as 128MB or RAM available for the runtime environment. This gives both equipment manufacturers designing HMIs and users creating their own HMI and SCADA applications much more flexibility in terms of equipment that uses the Windows Embedded operating system.

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