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InduSoft Web Studio Stands Out for Exceptional Multi-Language Translation

InduSoft Web Studio easily distinguishes itself among a crowd of HMI and SCADA software solutions available. One of the great features present in IWS is not only multi-language support, but the capability to actually translate applications in IWS v7.0. While many HMI and SCADA software packages allow a multi-language display during runtime, InduSoft gives users the ability to translate, and even fine-tune that translation.

Many HMI and SCADA software programs provide a lookup table, or a spreadsheet view of text in an application. The traditional method of developing the application in English, and then exporting the spreadsheet to be translated before importing it again is tedious and cumbersome. In InduSoft Web Studio v7.0, this can be done with one step. Just go to the translation tool, and choose an additional target language. Your application will be automatically translated.

InduSoft Web Studio also supports Unicode fonts, meaning that Cyrillic characters, and Chinese character sets, Kanji, and others may also be used within the application. This is ideal for developers who need to make the application accessible for operators who speak languages that do not use the English Latin characters.

The benefits of this are clear. Not only does this save quite a bit of time in development, a machine that is used in an area with multiple languages can be easily configured to display the application in say, French and English in Canada, or in English and Spanish for Latin American countries. A web thin client application can display a different language for each remote application, without changing the local server application’s language.

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