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System Level Redundancy in the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA Software

System level redundancy is an important aspect of any healthy SCADA system, especially if thin clients are being utilized. System level redundancy is simply an extension of a Thick Client application, combined with some Script (e.g. VBScript in a Background Script) along with the Scheduler. To implement System-level redundancy (of IWS Servers), you will need two or more IWS Servers with identical applications. To illustrate how this works, consider the following: Continue reading

Using InduSoft Web Studio with built in VBScript to write values to an Excel spreadsheet

InduSoft Web Studio is a SCADA software that is fully compatible with all supported Microsoft Operating systems. InduSoft Web Studio makes it easy to write values not only to an Excel Spreadsheet, but also to other Microsoft Automation COM servers, such as Access, Word, and Outlook. This can all be done with simple VBScript commands using the Create Object function. Continue reading

The Secure Viewer Thin Client for InduSoft Web Studio

A frequent topic of conversation among InduSoft Web Studio users is the Secure Viewer thin client, and how it compares to or differs from the other Thin Clients supported by InduSoft, such as the Web Thin Client, and the SMA (Studio Mobile Access) Thin Client. Continue reading

Optimizing Screens in InduSoft Web Studio for Mobile Devices

It’s common now for computer monitors to span anywhere from 15” to 27” or more. While these make excellent panels for complex HMI SCADA applications, remote,handheld and small industrial panel mount devices are often overlooked. Users who intend to deploy on both industrial computers and remote handheld devices may want to utilize these practices for optimizing screens. Continue reading

Interacting with a .NET Control using InduSoft Web Studio

Demo showing two different ways to interact with a .NET Cotrol in InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software, by using a tag directly in the control or by using VBScript and setting the property directly. Continue reading

Best Practices for Designing your Operator Interface

Developing the operator interface for your machine can set the tone for the first impressions that your machine operator will have of the equipment, so it’s worth spending time developing an operator interface that is both inviting and easily navigable. This will help cut down considerably on machine down time, and may even help you identify which machine operators are the most efficient, and which need more training. Continue reading

Using a Modem and TCP/IP Encapsulation with InduSoft Web Studio Drivers

As we discussed recently, the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software is capable of encapsulating protocols within different physical layers in order to send information from the computer in which the SCADA software is installed and the PLC or RTU connected to the machine. These physical layers may be Ethernet, Serial RS-232, RS-485, or even Bluetooth or modem connections when a converter is used. In some cases, a modem is the most efficient type of physical layer through which to transmit protocols. By using the drivers available in InduSoft Web Studio, it is possible to connect the SCADA application to the modem through the driver, and then send data anywhere across phone lines. Continue reading

Making use of TCP/IP Encapsulation with InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software

There are many important uses of TCP/IP encapsulation in SCADA applications, but two of the most important are those such as a Web Tunneling Gateway, and communication driver encapsulation. Both serve very necessary purposes in remote and wireless SCADA applications. Continue reading

What SCADA Software information do you want to see?

At InduSoft, we are always trying to involve our users in every aspect of what we do. The SCADA software users who have made InduSoft Web Studio one of the most popular SCADA HMI products on the market can also help us improve and better direct our content. So tell us; what kinds of information do you want to see in this blog? Continue reading