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InduSoft Takes Honorable Mention for Best HMI Software in Engineer’s Choice Award

InduSoft, which won three awards in 2010 for HMI and SCADA software, gets another nod in 2011 with the Engineer’s Choice awards. This honorable mention for the best HMI software is one of many from Control Engineering. InduSoft is proud to continue this tradition by releasing the best SCADA software on the market. Continue reading

SCADA Security Tips from an InduSoft Expert

As technologies evolve and enable higher levels of connectivity, the vulnerability of industrial automation systems to cyber attacks has been a topic of increasing concern for vendors, system integrators, and end users. The recent incident with the Stuxnet virus sparked even more discussion on the topic and represented a wake-up call to the few who remained skeptical about the potential of such attack. Continue reading

AIS and InduSoft Partner for a New Line of InduSoft Web Studio Ready HMI/SCADA Touch Panels

American Industrial Solutions (AIS), has increased their line of touch screen HMI panels, which are certified hardware for the industry standard SCADA software InduSoft Web Studio. Following the release of their first 7” HMI touchscreen panel loaded with Windows CE, … Continue reading

Follow InduSoft Around the World

InduSoft takes great pride in being an international SCADA software solution. Thanks to a constant effort to make InduSoft Web Studio not only available, but accessible to users in a multitude of countries, the InduSoft solution is gaining popularity all across Asia and the Middle East. Continue reading

Troubleshooting Communications to PLCs and Other Controllers

When configuring communications between the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software and hardware, it’s important to be able to troubleshoot the common problems that occur. This will save time in implementation, and help reduce downtime in the process. Generally, there are … Continue reading

Give Us Your Best InduSoft Application Screencaps

We are consistently impressed by the great SCADA/HMI applications developed using the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software. To celebrate some of the top applications, we’ve decided to feature a ‘few great looking SCADA or HMI applications made by InduSoft users. The best ten screen captures will get a mention on our site, along with information about your process, and a backlink to your web site. Top applications will be invited to develop an InduSoft case study with us. Continue reading

Using InduSoft EmbeddedView on Embedded Computers

Many current computers that handle functions such as kiosks, directional assistance (way finding), digital signage, industrial applications, control systems, Point of Sale (POS), building automation, hospitality or government applications operate on an embedded operating system like Windows Embedded XP or Windows Embedded Standard 7. These computers need special SCADA software especially designed for use in embedded systems. Continue reading

OEE and KPI reports are a Cinch with InduSoft Web Studio

One of the important functionalities users are requesting of HMI and SCADA software applications is the ability to get quick, easily readable, and convenient reports on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). InduSoft Web Studio is a … Continue reading