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InduSoft a Big Hit in the Detention Industry

Detention SCADA

Detention SCADA

The American Correctional Association recently held their 2010 winter conference in San Antonio, TX. InduSoft partner, Omron, attended the conference and reported a huge showing of InduSoft Web Studio SCADA Detention applications on display at the show. The partnership between Omron and InduSoft is a strong one, and with the combined efforts from both teams, InduSoft Web Studio has a powerful foothold in the Detention market.

Omron has more than a dozen integrators working in the Detention industry, and the vast majority of them use InduSoft Web Studio as their SCADA software for developing applications. InduSoft Web Studio is able to integrate seamlessly with Omron PLCs through the use of drivers offered by Omron, and only one other vendor. This partnership between Omron and InduSoft makes InduSoft Web Studio the most efficient SCADA software solutions for communicating with Omron equipment in Detention, which makes up 80% of the market. Integrators not using IWS have to use third party developers to write the proper protocols. This combination of powerful SCADA software, easy communication with Omron PLCs and a great price point make it easy for integrators to present the InduSoft solution as the most cost effective when bidding for contracts in the Detention market.

Within the Detention industry, InduSoft Web Studio handles functions such as monitoring door control within facilities, and keeping track of alarms. The web based capabilities of the SCADA software make it possible for facility guards and employees to monitor conditions in real time over a Smartphone or PDA as they move across the facility. Growing demand for mobile access to data is an area in which InduSoft Web Studio is rising to anticipate and meet consumer demand.

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