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HMI and SCADA Software for Plastic Injection Machines

Plastic Injection SCADA Software

Plastic Injection SCADA Software

Plastic injection molding machines rely on excellent HMI and SCADA software to perform at peak output levels. In addition to features like OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) dashboards, IWS also has some unique features that make it the best SCADA software solution for plastic injection processes.

SCADA Security for plastic injection processes

The built-in security in InduSoft Web Studio allows different access rights for operators, supervisors, maintenance staff and engineers using built in security or through Microsoft Active Directory. Different security levels can be used to hide buttons or navigation menus that are not accessible to an unauthorized person or group. This helps eliminate unnecessary menus, de-clutters the application, and prevents confusion. Administrators can manage users and groups from any machine and synchronize the security settings with all other machines.

Easy communication between the SCADA software and the plastic injection machine controls

InduSoft Web Studio makes communication between the software and PLCs easy. With over 240 built in drivers and OPC support, there are many easy methods for configuring communication. Connect to PLCs, temperature controllers, dryers, and material handling systems. In addition, InduSoft can act as a gateway between equipment from different manufacturers that would not ordinarily be able to share data thus removing the need for expensive 3rd party protocol converters.

Trending Data

IWS can trend not only using historical time based trends, but can also show X/Y numerical charts that are perfect for showing injection traces. These injection traces can plot over a known good injection profile. In addition, most machines inject from right to left, but InduSoft X/Y trends can plot in any direction, even right to left. This is the opposite of most time based trends, and gives the developers additional flexibility to design trend layouts that match the physical machine.

Temperature Zones

Using the SCADA software, adjust and monitor many temperature zones in barrel, nozzle, and  molds. Change set points in the PLC or directly to loop controllers. Choose running set points or standby set points. Schedule barrel pre-heat, so the machine is ready to run when the operators arrive for their shift.

SCADA Software Alarms

Show alarms locally or remotely, and keep track of all historical alarms in a centralized database from all machines on the plant floor. Show high temperature alarms, deviation plus, deviation minus, and low temperature alarms in your SCADA software dashboards.

Using Recipes and Setups

Save time by  using Recipes in IWS to manage mold (or die) parameters. For instance, if you move a mold to another machine, use the recipe to have near perfect setup for that mold in any other machine. Share mold recipes via a network, through a server or even on USB memory sticks that can follow the die to whatever machine it ends up in.

Recipes are also applicable for machine setups. Reduce the time required for initial machine startups onsite by using recipes to replicate all startup conditions. Duplicate setups by creating one condensed screen showing all setup parameters in order to make it easy for on-site commissioning. Don’t force your setup crew to change screens; show all relevant information on a single screen.

Monitoring the process

From the aisle or your office, See if any fault condition exists by changing the entire screen background a different color, play a status sound, or use a thin client to remotely view or interact with screens. Use animations to show actual clamp and screw animations, or show which heater bands are on or off or in alarm condition, graphically, and with text.

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