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Using InduSoft EmbeddedView on Embedded Computers

Embedded SCADA software

Embedded SCADA software

Many current computers that handle functions such as kiosks, directional assistance (way finding), digital signage, industrial applications, control systems, Point of Sale (POS), building automation, hospitality or government applications operate on an embedded operating system like Windows Embedded XP or Windows Embedded Standard 7. These computers need special SCADA software especially designed for use in embedded systems.

InduSoft EmbeddedView provides a comprehensive feature set that will allow developers to easily create any type of user interface. InduSoft Web Studio includes all the functionality and flexibility you need to create the applications you and your customers require. Create digital signage applications that include multiple displays working together or independently of one another, or even use as an interface to video walls. Display videos, maps from Google, or any web page, or rich multimedia. Other great features that can be easily configured and utilized in EmbeddedView include:

  • Web and remote connectivity
  • Animations
  • Communications
  • Multilanguage
  • Automatic eMail transmission
  • Network management
  • Security
  • Report printing (in html, rtf and pdf formats)

EmbeddedView is designed to run in a small footprint and require minimum system resources such as drive space (including solid state drives, or SSDs), reduced memory space, and flexible install options.

Remote management is included, across any network update application. Make simple changes, update software, add features, and download complete projects. The Embedded operating system SCADA Software supports TCP/IP connections, internet connectivity and web based browsing, radio modem, dialup, and even satellite connections. The tools you need are easy to use, complete, and included and included within the software.

InduSoft makes use of patented database connectivity to any SQL database, including Microsoft SQL servers, MySQL, Sybase, Oracle,  FoxPro, SAP, and many others. Users can collect user information such as frequent patterns of use, and update customer accounts.

Using remote thin client viewing, you can develop advanced graphical user interface (GUI) applications, even if your hardware runs without a local display. View and interact with screens remotely, without the need for a monitor, keyboard or mouse at the location of the PC. This can be very beneficial in a location that is difficult to reach, inconvenient, or inaccessible. You can even interact with the embedded PC via a mobile phone, iPad or other web enabled device.

Diagnostics and troubleshooting tools are included within the SCADA HMI software. Quickly and efficiently debug, test, and troubleshoot your embedded application remotely or locally. With InduSoft EmbeddedView you can trigger screen changes, set simulation values, monitor activity, see how often each user screen is used, and create and trace custom debug messages.

Companies that manufacture embedded pc hardware platforms, single board computers, or entire devices on chips can make use of a SCADA software package designed around efficiency and performance on embedded operating systems.

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