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ABCIP Driver update in InduSoft Web Studio

SCADA softwareInduSoft Web Studio includes over 240 native drivers built into the SCADA software. This amazing driver support allows InduSoft to communicate flawlessly with PLCs and controllers from every major manufacturer. In addition, for drivers not included within the extensive InduSoft package, IWS also supports OPC (DA, HDA, .NET 3.0 and UA).

InduSoft has updated the ABCIP (Ethernet/IP) driver for the Allen Bradley series of PLCs including ControlLogix, FlexLogix, CompactLogix, and MicroLogix (SLC505 and PLC5 via routing). The driver update will improve communications with these devices. These controllers are used across all industries, including manufacturing, process control, alternative energy, and many more. Enhancements to the driver include:

  • Enhanced Reading and Writing to SLC500 and PLC5
  • Improved block size of timers when communicating to PLC5
  • Improved memory usage

Visit our SCADA software driver download page to download any updated drivers. Follow us on our blog, FaceBook, Twitter, or YouTube to get more information about updated SCADA drivers.

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