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Fun and Games with Easy-to-Use InduSoft Web Studio

One of the things that makes InduSoft Web Studio a great software solution for any operation is how easy it is to learn and use. This can not only save developers and plant owners time and man hours in training, but it’s also possible to have some fun with a SCADA software that is intuitive and gives users hundreds of tools. As a demonstration of the ease of use available in InduSoft Web Studio, you only have to look as far as this project made by an eight year old: Continue reading

Alarms in InduSoft Web Studio

InduSoft Web Studio is one of the only SCADA software solutions that includes all the tools you need with install. Important functions like alarms, trends, logging, and web thin client connectivity are all included with InduSoft Web Studio. Alarms are one important part of this package. InduSoft users can take advantage of the following aspects of the InduSoft alarm capabilities: Continue reading

Alternate Contact Numbers for Customers Having Trouble Reaching Us By Phone Today

It has come to our attention that some of our customers have had a hard time connecting to our phone system today. We are aware of the issue, and we are working with our telephone provider to correct it ASAP. In the meantime, please contact us through the following numbers if you are not able to connect via our usual number, and we will ensure that you receive prompt support: Continue reading

What is the Best Resolution for a Project in InduSoft Web Studio

For some developers, it may be necessary to design “generic” projects that are not destined for just one specific device. The question of what resolution to use for these projects is especially important when designing “web-based” applications, where the engineer cannot control or predict the resolution for the Web Thin Client stations. Here are some best practices for designing generic applications that will not use a fixed resolution. Continue reading

The Power of Connectivity in SCADA Software

When InduSoft asks users about their favorite aspect of InduSoft Web Studio, a common answer is “flexibility and connectivity.” InduSoft has made our SCADA software the best solution in terms of connectivity and the ease of configuration. What is it about InduSoft Web Studio that makes it so easy to connect? Here are some things to consider Continue reading

Exciting April Events in the SCADA Software World

There are two upcoming events in the SCADA and HMI software industry that have us very excited. International trade shows are a great resource for developers and automation industry professionals looking to learn more about HMI SCADA software solutions available worldwide. Continue reading

Access your SCADA or HMI System on your iPad or Android Device

With tablet computers and smartphones becoming more and more ubiquitous, plant managers, supervisors, and machine operators have been clamoring for a SCADA software solution that will give them access to important data on the go. The ability to view Tag (process I/O) values and alarms is useful while in a home or office away from the process. InduSoft Web Studio has had a solution to this problem for quite a while, in the form of the useful SMA client. Continue reading

The InduSoft Web Thin Client

The InduSoft Web Thin Client is a powerful tool for getting access to SCADA and HMI applications designed in InduSoft Web Studio remotely. The web thin client is especially valuable to plant managers who wish to view a process while in an office or using a smartphone or PDA. OEMs may also benefit from providing a web thin client for use in viewing the HMIs used in equipment. Continue reading

The InduSoft Web Studio Event Logger

What makes InduSoft Web Studio such a unique SCADA software package is the fact that all necessary tools such as trends, reports, recipes, and database connectivity are all included within the software. One important built-in feature of IWS is the Event Logger, which records and logs a variety of events. Continue reading