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Use Shortcuts in InduSoft Web Studio to Save Time in Development

SCADA software

SCADA software

Within the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software package, there are a few great shortcuts that can help developers save time and work more efficiently while developing SCADA and HMI applications for process monitoring and equipment interfaces. Many of these shortcuts are consistent with those in Windows operating systems and Microsoft products, so they can be easily implemented while developing InduSoft based applications.

While developing a screen:

  • Ctrl-D: to enable/disable drag. This prevents accidently moving your graphics once you have positioned them exactly where you want them
  • Select an object then Ctrl-Left button-Drag: to quickly copy an object
  • Select an object then Shift-arrow keys: to move an object. If ‘snap to’ is turned on it moves one grid space. If ‘snap to’ is turned off, it moves pixel by pixel. Note that in v7.0 you can use the formatting tab to directly position objects.
  • Ctrl-(num) + : to bring forward a layer (increase the ID value), this also changes the Tab order for runtime
  • Ctrl-(num) – : to send backward a layer (decrease the ID value), this also changes the Tab order for runtime
  • Alt-Enter: to open the object properties of the currently selected object
  • Ctrl-X: Cut, Ctrl-C: Copy, Ctrl-V: Paste
  • Ctrl-F: Find text
  • Ctrl-S: Save
  • Ctrl-F4: Close the active document
  • Ctrl-O: Open a screen
  • F1 to open Help (Technical Reference)

While running a project:

  • Alt-F4: Close the application with the current focus
  • Alt-Tab: Switch to the next/previous focus application

By using these shortcuts, developers can not only design applications more quickly and efficiently, but certified system integrators can help deliver more value to clients by providing applications more quickly and effectively. Take advantage of these shortcuts and other great SCADA software tools available in InduSoft Web Studio. The Rapid Application Development Environment was specifically designed with ease of use and speed in mind for SCADA and HMI application development.

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