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Access your SCADA or HMI System on your iPad or Android Device

With tablet computers and smartphones becoming more and more ubiquitous, plant managers, supervisors, and machine operators have been clamoring for a SCADA software solution that will give them access to important data on the go. The ability to view Tag (process I/O) values and alarms is useful while in a home or office away from the process. InduSoft Web Studio has had a solution to this problem for quite a while, in the form of the useful SMA client.

What is SMA?

SMA (Studio Mobile Access) provides secure, remote interaction with your HMI/SCADA application. The SMA client can be accessed with any web enabled mobile device. This means that smartphones with web browsing capabilities, including the iPhone and Android based phones can be used to view important information. Tablet computers, including the iPad and Android based tablets can make use of the SMA, using Safari, Dolphin, or the Android browser. The SMA client is also useful for users who have a desktop or laptop computer that uses the Google Chrome or Firefox web browser.

With the SMA client, users can make decisions with realtime information. You may view tag values and alarms, or even acknowledge alarms, or require comments for 21 CFR Part 11 traceability requirements. The server can run on any Windows PC, including displayless, low power, battery or solar powered computers. The portability of this information means that maintenance and operations managers no longer need to go onsite for minor issues. Instead, they can use the information to determine what values necessitate personal interaction with the machine or process. The SMA client allows staff to be more efficient, because they can view and react to data wherever they are.

What Industries Can Most Benefit From the SMA Client?

Any industry can make use of the SMA, but it is especially helpful in controlling processes that are on remote sites or several sites at once. With the SMA, users and even clients can view important data in realtime, making it perfect for remote applications such as water, wind, solar, pumping stations. Power generation and facilities management (BMS) operations can also benefit from receiving remote HMI and SCADA information. Operators and supervisors can easily save themselves time and effort by being able to access their data from the SCADA software wherever they go, regardless of the device they’re using.

SCADA on the iPad

SCADA on the iPad

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