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The Power of Connectivity in SCADA Software

When InduSoft asks users about their favorite aspect of InduSoft Web Studio, a common answer is “flexibility and connectivity.” InduSoft has made our SCADA software the best solution in terms of connectivity and the ease of configuration. What is it about InduSoft Web Studio that makes it so easy to connect? Here are some things to consider:

  • IWS is able to communicate to most brands of PLCs, drives, temperature controllers, and other hardware using over 240 built-in drivers. Brands of equipment and protocols that IWS can connect to with these drivers include Allen Bradley, Siemens, Omron, Modbus, PROFIBUS, Mitsubishi and many others.
  • Users of this SCADA software also have the option to use OPC. OPC Classic (DA), OPC UA, and .NET interfaces are all supported by InduSoft Web Studio. This offers developers a choice between the native driver support, and easy OPC connectivity.
  • Log and retrieve data from any database with InduSoft’s patented database connectivity. Access SQL databases like MySQL or Oracle. Interface with MES/ERP and SAP systems.
  • Web access allows operators, maintenance and operations staff to be more efficient by providing real-time data remotely, and by making it easy to quickly change HMI panels without installing software.
  • Share data between other workstations using InduSoft Web Studio that can act independently of one another. This helps developers and operators build in redundancy and prevent downtime issues.
  • Open architecture, optional toolkits allow users to develop communications drivers and create their own interface to the Tag Database.

The InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software was designed with easy connectivity in mind, and can be deployed on any supported Windows operating system for a highly flexible solution that also acts as a hub to connect disparate types of equipment that would not ordinarily be able to share data, thanks to the variety of native driver support.

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