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Alarms in InduSoft Web Studio

SCADA alarms

SCADA alarms

InduSoft Web Studio is one of the only SCADA software solutions that includes all the tools you need with install. Important functions like alarms, trends, logging, and web thin client connectivity are all included with InduSoft Web Studio. Alarms are one important part of this package. InduSoft users can take advantage of the following aspects of the InduSoft alarm capabilities:

Alarms in InduSoft Web Studio can be either real-time or historical, meaning that alarms can be viewed by currently occurring events, or scroll back in time to view past events that have been logged.

Archive InduSoft alarms in any database (Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle and others), generate files in a variety of formats, or send data to a printer.

Change how you view alarms in SCADA software. Change colors of critical data, fonts, column size and width, or create filters for groups, priorities, custom types, and more. Time stamp information, sort and search alarms, or view information in multiple languages.

Capture alarms as screen shots or PDFs and attach them as emails, or print hard copies for later use.

Acknowledge alarms. This can be set up as mandatory or optional, and can be configured to help maintain 21 CFR Part 11 .

Use alarms to separate machine or process faults (non-critical) from warnings (critical).

Embed values directly in alarm messages.

These SCADA alarm functions are part of what makes InduSoft Web Studio such an inclusive SCADA software solution. Take advantage of other integrated tools like security, over 240 native drivers, and OPC support.

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