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Fun and Games with Easy-to-Use InduSoft Web Studio

One of the things that makes InduSoft Web Studio a great software solution for any operation is how easy it is to learn and use. This can not only save developers and plant owners time and man hours in training, but it’s also possible to have some fun with a SCADA software that is intuitive and gives users hundreds of tools. As a demonstration of the ease of use available in InduSoft Web Studio, you only have to look as far as this project made by an eight year old:

InduSoft Game

InduSoft Game

This project was made using InduSoft Web Studio 3.1, and its creator was only eight years old. Not only is InduSoft one of the easiest SCADA software solutions to learn and use, applications made in previous generations of the software can still be opened and edited in the most current version, InduSoft Web Studio v7.0. Develop applications with confidence, knowing they’ll be easy to upgrade and edit, no matter what version of the SCADA software you use.

IWS is an excellent software solution for so much more than simply HMI SCADA applications. Use it to create stunning digital signage, or huge interactive displays with virtual keyboards. Use InduSoft as an OEE solution to increase the efficiency of your process – or even make games, like this one!

Have you created any fun projects using IWS? Let us know about it. Send us your interesting screens, or leave a comment, and tell us some of the novel ways you’ve put your SCADA software to good use – even if it’s just for fun.

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