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Dozens of Ways to Apply InduSoft Web Studio

InduSoft Web Studio is a unique SCADA software solution, and users have tons of options on how to use and deploy their applications. Here are a few ways you can apply InduSoft Web Studio:

  • The 1:1 configuration is a simple configuration. Develop the application for one runtime, to one PLC or controller. This might be deployed on an industrial PC, like a ruggedized panel mount in an environment where a commercial grade PC would not survive. The 1:1 configuration can also be applied to one runtime license connected to one PLC.
  • The 1:N configuration is the use of one runtime to connect to any number of PLCs or Controllers. One example of a 1:N configuration might be a panel mount touch screen running Windows XP embedded, connected to multiple PLCs within the machine.
  • Another application could be a single desktop computer in a control room that is linked to many PLCs or controllers.
  • The remote thin client on a desktop is useful for monitoring the process from an office, or off the plant floor. This configuration is usually a web thin client PC or Smartphone that connect to the runtime on a PC or HMI panel connected to multiple PLCs. The application can be viewed on any Smartphone that supports Windows7 Mobile, or Windows CE.
  • Another application of InduSoft Web Studio is an industrial PC with industrial monitor. It’s possible to clone the windows desktop on a remote monitor, and interact with InduSoft through this configuration.
  • A blind “node” (without a local display) PC with a web thin client can connect up to 128 screens to a runtime version of InduSoft Web Studio and many PLCs or controllers.
  • One popular configuration for ERP, MES or corporate databases is the data concentrator, or gateway configuration. This is a runtime on a desktop or industrial PC connected to multiple runtimes, which may then be connected with many PLCs and controllers.
  • The thin client configuration can also be used on non-Windows devices through Studio Mobile Access (SMA).
  • Multiple InduSoft Web Studio stations can also communicate, using a TCP/IP connection with SNMP to manage the network.
  • Multiple IWS runtimes can share information over TCP/IP. In addition to sharing information, this configuration can be configured as a redundant setup too.

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