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Use Shortcuts in InduSoft Web Studio to Save Time in Development

Within the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software package, there are a few great shortcuts that can help developers save time and work more efficiently while developing SCADA and HMI applications for process monitoring and equipment interfaces. Many of these shortcuts are consistent with those in Windows operating systems and Microsoft products, so they can be easily implemented while developing InduSoft based applications. Continue reading

Congratulations to the Winner of the SCADA/HMI Screencap Challenge!

InduSoft recently ran a competition for the best SCADA/HMI screencaps showcasing IWS based SCADA and HMI solutions. We’d like to congratulate Julio Delgado, who sent us some amazing screens from Stock America ICONRMS HMI applications. We were impressed with the graphics utilized to display the process, as well as a great use of InduSoft features like the tools for FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and the web thin client. Continue reading

How does InduSoft Web Studio Work with IE9?

InduSoft Web Studio, an award winning HMI SCADA software solution, has recently tested its web thin client capabilities on the new release of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 browser, which was launched today. This new release of the popular IE browser adds new capabilities, such as improved security, increased speed, and an increased website viewing area. Continue reading

InduSoft Announces New North American Certified System Integrator and New International Distributors for InduSoft Web Studio

Austin, Texas (InduSoft) March 14, 2011 –InduSoft has added Intuitech as a new certified system integrator to the extensive group of InduSoft Web Studio certified system integrators in North America. A new distributor named Ontor has also been added to the group of InduSoft distributors in Ontario. Continue reading

Using Animations in InduSoft Web Studio

InduSoft Web Studio is a SCADA software solution that has an edge over competitors because it includes everything you need in the install. This means that with InduSoft, you get tools like drivers for PLCs and controllers, alarms, trends, remote SCADA capabilities, and even animation tools without purchasing extra modules. The animation tools included in IWS provide you all the flexibility you need to make an intuitive, easy to use HMI or SCADA application. Here are some of the ways InduSoft animations make this SCADA software solution easy to use and highly flexible: Continue reading

New InduSoft Video: Creating a Remote HMI SCADA Application

InduSoft has released a new video! Learn how to quickly and easily create a remote SCADA application using InduSoft Web Studio and the web thin client. This simple tutorial takes minutes to master, and can offer you amazing portability in your application. Use the web based SCADA or HMI solution on remote PCs enabled with an Internet Explorer web browser, or even take your HMI or SCADA application on the go with a Windows based smartphone or tablet that runs IE. Continue reading

See InduSoft Web Studio in Control Design!

InduSoft Web Studio, a revolutionary SCADA software solution, has been featured in the February 2011 volume of the Control Design Magazine. Check out this InduSoft press on page 52! The section about InduSoft Web Studio, entitled “Race Faster” details some of the changes in the newest version of the software, v7.0. InduSoft is always pleased when engineers sit up and take notice of our software. This is our second magazine nod this year, and when combined with an honorable mention from Control Engineering, 2011 is shaping up to be a great year for InduSoft. Continue reading

Is Your SCADA Software Knowledge Up to Date?

InduSoft Web Studio is a powerful SCADA software solution that is designed with ease of development, and rapid deployment in mind. By investing fewer hours in the developmental stage of an application, plant managers can monitor the process faster and more efficiently, without a huge front-end investment. Certified system integrators can offer their customers much more value if they know their SCADA software inside and out. Continue reading

Third Party Tools to Complement InduSoft Web Studio

InduSoft Web Studio is a powerful and versatile SCADA software solution with many exceptional functions and capabilities. While it’s easy to develop great looking, full SCADA and HMI applications within the development environment of InduSoft Web Studio, there are some third party software solutions that will help some users create even more dynamic applications for their HMI and SCADA systems. These software tools are not supported by InduSoft, and we do not sell or promote them. They exist as additional tools that our users have found beneficial for specific projects. We’d love to hear your suggestions for additional tools that you have found useful in developing applications within the InduSoft SCADA software! Continue reading

The future of Windows CE

It has recently been announced that the next version of Windows CE will be named Windows Embedded Compact 7 in the next generation of Microsoft operating systems. The Windows Embedded Compact 7 version will have all the features of Windows CE, as well as including Silverlight for Windows Embedded, Internet Explorer Embedded, connection managers, Microsoft office and PDF viewers, and more. Continue reading