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Quick Access to InduSoft Web Studio Hotfixes

A new page has been added to the InduSoft Web Studio website! Now InduSoft users, OEMs and system integrators can get easy access to security updates and hotfixes for this popular SCADA software. We’ve added three new hotfixes, two of which are critical. Continue reading

InduSoft Announces New Certified Equipment Manufacturer, TouchSystems

Award winning SCADA and HMI software package, InduSoft Web Studio, introduces TouchSystems as the newest original equipment manufacturer certified for compatibility with InduSoft Web Studio Continue reading

New InduSoft Case Study with SJE-Rhombus Showcases Wastewater Treatment SCADA Solutions

InduSoft recently conducted a case study with SJE-Rhombus in the Water and wastewater treatment industry. Read more about this solution to see how InduSoft was able to provide the application developer an easy solution with web based monitoring. The SCADA software used for this application helped SJE-Rhombus reduce costs in increase productivity. Continue reading

Using Linked Symbols with Class and Array tags in InduSoft Web Studio

One very powerful feature of InduSoft Web Studio (IWS) is the Linked Symbols. Within this great feature, there are also some advanced tricks that could be used to speed up the project development process even further.

Using Classes and Arrays within the linked symbols allows the user to create a powerful symbol that requires minimal configuration once it is deployed to a screen. Continue reading

Protecting your SCADA System from Internal Attacks

SCADA security is an issue that has been receiving a fair amount of attention since the Stuxnet attacks in 2010. According to a study by Q1 Labs and the Ponemon institute this month, fully three quarters of IT and security staff in the energy production industry feel that their management do not understand or recognize the importance of SCADA security. More importantly, many SCADA security breaches come from within, and it’s important to understand where the vulnerabilities lie to better protect against them. Continue reading

Join InduSoft at the SPS / IPC / DRIVES Show in Nuremberg Germany!

The SPS / IPC / DRIVES Tradeshow will take place on November 22nd -24th in Nuremberg Germany. This event showcases the full range of electrical automation solutions. This tradeshow will demonstrate all the components necessary for complete systems and integrated automation solutions. Come see InduSoft in action at this event, in the OPC foundation booth! Continue reading

How is Our Communication at InduSoft?

Here at InduSoft, we’re always working to improve our customer service so that we can work with all of our partners and users to continue creating amazing SCADA/HMI applications. In order to better serve you, we have a few quick questions for you about our communication. By answering these, you can help us find gaps in our service, improve the quality of our information, and ensure that you have all the support you need from InduSoft. Continue reading

InduSoft Web Studio Triconex (TSAA) Driver Update

InduSoft is always working to improve the over 240 communication drivers offered with the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software solution. Our driver page lists new drivers for users to download, and we update users on new driver releases as they occur. Continue reading

InduSoft Still Going Strong for Texas Drag Racer Trevor Stripling

It’s easy to take InduSoft Web Studio off the plant floor and use it in nearly any data acquisition application. One of the most exciting uses of this SCADA Software comes from Trevor Stripling, who used InduSoft web Studio to set a world record, and continues to use it today.

Continue reading