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Protect Remote Terminal Units for Better SCADA Security

As web-based SCADA, cloud technology, and remote access to SCADA and HMI systems becomes more widespread, there’s a move toward managing remote SCADA systems from across buildings, or even across town. With SCADA security an omnipresent concern, how can supervisors protect their Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) from direct or indirect malicious attacks and negligence? Here are some best practices to protect access to RTUs, both through physical security and the SCADA/HMI security built into SCADA software like InduSoft Web Studio. Continue reading

InduSoft Announces New Distributors for InduSoft Web Studio in Thailand and Vietnam

Austin, Texas (InduSoft) May 25, 2011 –InduSoft has added two new Asian distributors to the extensive group of InduSoft Web Studio (IWS) partners who make IWS available. Insight Automation is the newest distributor in Thailand, and New Ocean Automation is an InduSoft Web Studio distributor located in Vietnam. Continue reading

New InduSoft Case Study for the Water/Wastewater Industry

InduSoft has published the newest case study in the water/wastewater industry. This case study details the project created by B&W Control Systems Integration for the Lake County Public Water District in Zion, Illinois. Continue reading

New InduSoft Web Studio SCADA Training Session Added in June

Due to demand, InduSoft has just announced an additional training session in June for those who need training in powerful SCADA/HMI software InduSoft Web Studio. This additional class is limited to ten people, and reservations for the class will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. Look for more information on the SCADA training course on the InduSoft website. Continue reading

Hosting a Local Copy of the ISSymbol Plugin in InduSoft Web Studio

InduSoft’s Web Thin Client requires that the ISSymbol plugin control be installed in the user’s Internet Explorer browser. This is a common approach used by many vendors to web enable their proprietary file formats, such as Adobe PDF or Flash. The most common approach is for the vendor to host their plugin control on their web site so that when some user tries to open their proprietary file, the plugin control is automatically downloaded. Continue reading

Using SCADA Software to Send Email Notifications to an Office or Cell Phone

Stay in touch even while away from your SCADA software application, using InduSoft Web Studio to send email notifications to your office or cell phone. Ever need to know what your machine or process is doing when you aren’t right in front of it? Email notifications sent directly from the machine can keep you in the loop. Continue reading

InduSoft Web Studio’s hst2txt Function – Get Trend Data

The InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software saves trend history files in a proprietary binary format (.hst). This information is easily accessible and readable, using the HST2TXT function, which will convert the information into a text document that is easy to read. IWS provides the HST2TXT.EXE program with installation to convert trend history files from the .hst format into text format. Continue reading