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How to Get the Best SCADA Software Connectivity

One critical factor in deciding which SCADA software solution to use for a system upgrade or a new SCADA system is the ability of the software to connect easily with the machinery and hardware already in place. If you intend to update all, or part of your SCADA system, adding disparate machinery from different manufacturers, or upgrading some machines, and leaving some legacy hardware, then it’s important to fins a SCADA software solution that will easily connect with hardware from all major manufactures.

InduSoft Web Studio makes it easy to build a SCADA solution from the ground up with all new equipment, or change machines as technology advances. IWS includes over 240 built-in drivers for everything from PLCs, DCSs, temperature controllers, embedded devices, and more. In addition to this impressive collection of protocols, InduSoft also supports OPC DA, OPC .NET 3.0, and OPC UA. This connectivity makes it possible to connect to any machine, or even use InduSoft as a gateway to let different devices share data.

This connectivity extends to using the TCP/IP and OPC Server, where it’s possible to exchange data between multiple IWS workstations, or set up redundant options to keep the system online at all times, and help reduce downtime. The patented database connectivity of IWS allows the system to send and retrieve data, such as logs, alarms, trends, events, and any important information from SQL databases, such as MySQL or Oracle. This same connectivity extends to enterprise connectivity to ERP, MES, and SAP systems. InduSoft Web Studio is also open, with tools available for the tag database, or driver toolkits.

InduSoft not only offers users the best connectivity among SCADA software solutions, but it also offers the most flexibility. InduSoft Web Studio is easily scalable, meaning once an application is developed, it can be run on mobile devices, desk tops, embedded machines, and server machines. The web solution offered with the SCADA software license allows users to view and interact with controllers remotely, using three different web client options.

Best SCADA software connectivity

Best SCADA software connectivity

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