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Connection Strings in InduSoft Web Studio

SCADA software

SCADA software

VBScript can be used in InduSoft Web Studio SCADA/HMI software development for easy configuration and programming of applications. An excellent way to make applications portable in InduSoft Web Studio is to use a command in configuring an application that will provide the same information as a hard coded path. Connection strings that are populated with string tags in curly braces, such as {$connectionString} can take advantage of some convenient VBScript commands that allow users to develop an application on one computer, and then easily port it to another using connection string tags instead of hard paths.

While InduSoft Web Studio can recognize most VBScript without any changes, a $ symbol before the command indicates to VBScript that the command is an InduSoft command, which will help ensure that the code works properly within your application.


If you are using an access database, you can populate the string with $GETAPPPATH() & “Name of MDB File”. This command can be especially helpful if you are using a different SQL database in production then in testing. Take advantage of the $GetAppPath() command when referencing files. This will allow for you to always get back to the project directory quickly and easily.

$GetProductPath() will give you the location of the installation of Indusoft on the machine running it, allowing you to easily connect to the SCADA software when you move from one computer to another.


Another useful command is the $SETWEBCONFIG() command. This allows you to update the web configuration on the fly. This is very beneficial if you have the same application running on multiple machines that are providing web thin clients.

$Getcomputername() will reference the computer name of the machine running InduSoft Web Studio.

$GetcomputerIP() will reference the IP address of the machine running InduSoft Web Studio.

Use these commands to save yourself time in development, and ensure that you’re not wasting effort creating new configuration paths for files and information when you move the application to a new machine.

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