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Bring InduSoft from the Plant Floor to the Boardroom with RealTime Performance Management

In any business, the ability to make decisions based on up-to-date information is vital. Allocation of assets, efficiency of operations, and increased productivity are all benefits that can be achieved by implementing a realtime monitoring solution using InduSoft Web Studio. The same SCADA software used to power machine HMIs, SCADA solutions, and Overall Equipment Efficiency dashboards (OEE) can also be used to provide upper level management the dashboards needed to get a snapshot view of current information, or explore trends over time.

Any enterprise can make use of data gathered at the HMI and SCADA level of the process. Metrics like production output, defects, power consumption, speed, availability, performance, and quality may all be measured and recorded as raw data in a SCADA database or a historian. This data can then be monitored and displayed on the plant floor. Tools for analysis of these Key Performance Indicators (KPI) may include anything from integration to an ERP system, or SPC analysis to help upper-level supervisors and executive make decisions that will affect production costs, or product quality.

Using a remote thin client, or by employing digital signage, plant owners and executives can put critical information right in the boardroom using a desktop computer or even a mobile device like a tablet PC. Intuitive and easy-to-read realtime performance management dashboards offer the highest level of process monitoring, allowing decisions to be made based on relevant data that is available right at the fingertips of top-level supervisors and management.

Building a realtime performance management dashboard

A certified InduSoft Web Studio system integrator can assist in developing a solution for high level analysis and assessment of key metrics. InduSoft can also offer consultations on developing a solution that will help you meet your goals. Across all industries, companies have reported that a performance management solution offers immediate benefits, with a complete return on investment within six to twelve months.

performance management software

performance management software

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